High School
Climate Communication
Internship Program

The main way that we engage directly with youth is through our high school summer internship program. Through this intensive, 8-week long program, students learn about various climate issues, develop communication & research skills, and exercise their creativity. The students that participate in this program produce their own digital multimedia or research projects on a climate topic of their choosing, which are then distributed through all Operation Climate channels. Students also attend weekly guest speaker sessions and workshops on topics like climate activism, social media science communication, careers in sustainability, college-readiness, professional development, and more. 

Applications for our 2022 Summer Internship program will open in are NOW OPEN!
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2022 Operation Climate High School Summer Internship Program

Check out some of our summer 2021 internship events below!



Operation Climate Summer 2021 Internship

Operation Climate High School Summer Internship Program


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Capstone Event

Our summer 2021 high school interns worked on a myriad of climate education & communication projects, including videos, podcasts, infographics, and research papers, all intended to communicate climate issues in creative ways to promote education and positive action in the climate movement! Watch them present and showcase their work through the video below:


Operation Climate "Youth are Climate Leaders" Podcast Series

The Sins of Greenwashing and How to Avoid Them

created by Grace Zhang and Eppy Camacho

This episode was created by young climate leaders Grace Zhang and Eppy Camacho, who spoke with Scot Case, VP of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at the National Retail Federation, about what greenwashing is, how to recognize it, and how to use our consuming power to make a difference.

The Clean Energy Revolution is Just Getting Started

created by Raghav Akula and Arshia Ghoreyan

This episode was created by young climate leaders Raghav Akula and Arshia Ghoreyan, who spoke with Timothy Johnson, Professor of the Practice of Energy and the Environment at Duke University, Associate Dean of Professional Programs, and Chair of the Energy & Environment Program. They delve into why we need a clean energy transition, why we’re not seeing it at the scale that we need, what role the government plays, and how we can ensure that this transition is socially just.

You Have a Role in the Climate Movement

created by Matalin Bloomfield, Caroline Chen, and Marissa Sims

This episode was created by young climate leaders Matalin Bloomfield, Caroline Chen, and Marissa Sims. They examined the question, "what roles and responsibilities do we have in the fight against the climate crisis?" In this episode, Matalin, Caroline, and Marissa speak to guests from different stakeholder groups, including youth activists, environmental educators, and politicians, to learn the specific ways each stakeholder can interact with the climate movement.

The Power of Youth in the Climate Movement

created by Juju Lee, Sadie Dunne, and Marissa Sims

This episode was created by young climate leaders Juju, Sadie, and Marissa. In this episode, they speak to 16-year old climate activist Sarah Goody about how youth can get involved in the climate movement, what needs to change in the climate scene so youth can be heard, and how to manage burnout as a young activist.

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