About Operation Climate

We're a global, youth-led organization with a mission to create and support the upcoming generation of great climate storytellers and educators. We believe that climate education must be accessible and engaging for everyone. We believe in the power of youth to educate the world about the climate crisis and its intersections. We believe that involvement in the climate movement should be an exciting, creative process. 

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Our Story

A student research project at Duke University, which was meant to educate the public about the risks and benefits of geoengineering the climate, blossomed into a non-profit organization where our co-founders' love of climate education, storytelling, and creativity could be fully explored.

Learn more about the research project here. 

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Since then, we've been active in several projects & initiatives which include...

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Operation Climate Podcast

We've interviewed world renowned scientists, scholars, activists, business leaders, artists, and more in order to communicate important climate concepts on our podcast. Some of our more recent guests include Dr. Drew Shindell, a world renowned climate scientist and leading author on multiple IPCC reports, and Adam Met, a musician from the band AJR, a scholar, and the executive director of Sustainable Partners, Inc. 


Educational Infographics/Guides

We've created a wide variety of easily digestible and engaging infographics/guides on climate issues and how to take action. These guides have been shared widely on social media, broadening our impact on accessible environmental education. 


High School Climate Communication Internship Program

In 2021, we launched our very first high school summer internship program, where we worked with high schoolers from across the U.S. and the world to build their climate storytelling and research skills, resulting in a myriad of creative media & research projects on various climate topics.


Education & Action Campaigns

We've launched campaigns to encourage both climate education and concrete climate action, such as planting a tree for every episode download that we get on our podcast within a certain timeframe.

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Now, we're a global community of youth climate activists, educators, storytellers, and creatives, all working towards excitement and positive action in the climate movement.

Meet The Founders

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Matthew Brune

Co-Founder & Director of External Operations

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Katherine Li

Co-Founder & Director of Internal Operations

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Valerie Tsao

Co-Founder & Director of Initiatives

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