Empowering individuals through education to build a climate movement based on excitement.


We are Operation Climate: an environmental education non-profit organization created by young people, for young people. Our mission is to modernize the environmental education that exists in public high schools today, and to empower young people in educating themselves and others around them about the climate crisis and its intersections. We do this through the creation and distribution of digital media resources for use in classroom settings and through our volunteer internship program for high schoolers. We strive to create and support the next generation of climate communicators, storytellers, educators, and creatives in order to facilitate more action and understanding surrounding the climate crisis.


operation climate podcast

Operation Climate is a podcast made by young people, for young people, where we break down environmental issues through conversations with cool people. Real high school and college students interview world renowned scientists, scholars, activists, business leaders, artists, and more, in order to deeply understand a variety of climate issues and how young people can take action in the climate movement. 

educational infographics & guides

We create easily-digestible infographics and guides on a variety of climate topics, including breakdowns of environmental news headlines, environmental politics, climate activism, environmental science & technology, and more.

These guides have been shared widely on social media, broadening our impact on accessible environmental education.

educational videos

We create short, engaging videos meant to communicate climate issues in a bite-sized format. Most of our videos correspond to our podcast episodes, in order to help both auditory and visual learners understand complex climate issues. Our videos are created by high school and college students from around the world, with topics including social media activism, the misconceptions of recycling, the intersection of COVID-19 and climate change, and more.

high school
internship program

We engage directly with youth through our high school summer climate communication internship program. Students create digital multimedia climate storytelling & research projects, all while learning about climate issues, activism, climate communication, and college & career readiness through guest speaker events and workshops.


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